Don’t lose peripheral vision!

By Rajiv Patel / February 18, 2020

74 yom presented with buccal swelling in the area between #20 & 21. Here are […]

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Biofilm de jour

By Gary Carr / January 31, 2020

4 mo biofilm on a canal wall gbc

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Root canal retreatment of 21 with a lesion and resorption

By Reuben Joseph / January 21, 2020

21 had history of repeated surgery and apicoectomy and still a progressing lesion Treatment Done […]

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Gosh…This is hard

By Gary Carr / January 17, 2020

My hat is off to Dr. Ho and Dr. Dale who are doing this really […]

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Decision making:ECIR

By Gary Carr / January 16, 2020

I posted this last month after the consult. There was mixed TDO advice—some said “do […]

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3yr follow-up of 2 grossly mutilated maxillary molars

By Reuben Joseph / December 16, 2019

#26 I had to put posts in the mesial and the palatal canal. The entire […]

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Anyone treating this?

By Gary Carr / December 13, 2019
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45 – RCT

By Reuben Joseph / December 12, 2019

– Deep distal decay and 2° caries in the mesial – Truss access planned – […]

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Looks like an X-Nav case

By Gary Carr / December 10, 2019

Consult today. Prior attempted treatment by an endodontist last week. gbc

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15 yr recall why we became a believer in MIE…cases like this……

By Gary Carr / December 10, 2019

Retreatment recall today. Ugh…. Asymptomatic and functional….but for how long? gbc

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