Don’t lose peripheral vision!


74 yom presented with buccal swelling in the area between #20 & 21.

Here are the challenges –

What if all teeth did not react to pulp sensibility testing with the cold?

What if your sinus tract-tracing pointed in the area inter-radicularly between the two teeth?

What if both teeth are percussion positive?

How do you make your decision to intervene? What are your initial impressions/differentials when you see this lateral radiolucency? Please post your comments below.

It is very easy to lose peripheral vision in similar cases.CBCT was key in making a deductive diagnosis.

Fire on!!

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Rajiv Patel

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2 months ago

I would delve into endodontic assessments for both #20 and #21 emphasizing the importance of CBCT in unraveling the lateral radiolucency mysteries. Exploring the percussion positivity angle considering inflammatory or odontogenic aspects could guide the intervention strategy.
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1 month ago

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