Test of Decision Making

By Gary Carr / January 16, 2019

I did this RCT 34 years ago when the patient was 14. Now there is […]

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Few premolars

By Reuben Joseph / December 18, 2018

Nothing  special. A few premolars i got to treat recently with access cavity designs specific […]

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How to actually use the Gonon/Ruddle post removal system

By JK / December 4, 2018 Don't use the trephines.   Taper the post in the microscope with a round-ended, […]

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3yr recall of a cracked #36

By Reuben Joseph / December 3, 2018

3yr recall of a cracked #36 with fracture extending into the ML root. When the […]

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The talon cusp saga

By Rajiv Patel / December 3, 2018

15 yom with buccal swelling associated with tooth # 10, multiple visits with Calcium hydroxide, […]

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Decompression outcome

By Dr. Angela Noguera / November 27, 2018

This is a case I treated 1 year ago. It was a “thru and thru”, […]

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#5 Routine RCT

By Reuben Joseph / November 14, 2018

Deep sub-gingival margin. Always good to see a well isolated work space, which makes our […]

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#15 (?) Routine endo

By Reuben Joseph / November 14, 2018

Calcified canals are never an excuse under the scope. This #15(?) was in the position […]

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The problem with endodontics is endodontists

By JK / November 12, 2018

Kinda like…right in line with what we talked about over the weekend. Looks like a […]

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SS White V-Taper2 14/V.03 mesials followup on 25mm brick lower molar

By JK / November 6, 2018

Dentist in for another tooth earlier this year. I had just received the SS White […]

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