Scheduled for a GW

By Gary Carr / February 28, 2019

Scheduled for a GW…then I took a CBCT…….. No way, Jose……. Tried to minimize the […]

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How to detect a biofilm

By Gary Carr / February 27, 2019
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The “Good” root

By Gary Carr / February 27, 2019
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Another reason not to do 15 yr recalls

By JK / February 20, 2019

This goes in the win column…i.e. from a Rick Schwartz ITT standpoint, this tooth might […]

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Retreatment #19

By Revathi Miglani / February 20, 2019

Pt 42 YOM reported with pain and sinus opening in relation to #19. Retreatment access […]

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One-visit blues

By Gary Carr / February 19, 2019

Tim, What I learned from my bench studies is that, yes, the GW will uncover […]

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#24 with a Iatrogenic perfortion/ Calcified canals/ fracture in the distal wall

By Reuben Joseph / February 12, 2019

Pre-op Clinical # in the distal wall Perforation Palatal canal located Buccal canal located  Perforation […]

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Couple of recent cases

By Reuben Joseph / February 11, 2019

CASE 1: #36 symptomatic after a deep composite restoration. I opted for an orifice directed […]

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10 yr recall on treat/retreat/surgery case

By Gary Carr / February 6, 2019

Part of out 10 yr Recall Project

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Amalgam core

By Revathi Miglani / February 5, 2019


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