21 had history of repeated surgery and apicoectomy and still a progressing lesion

Treatment Done

GP removal done with a braiding technique. Though removing a single cone in an incisor is easy, in this case the risk of pushing the GP out is quite high.

CBCT showed resorption (irregular defect by 2mm) After cleaning and CaOH visits MTA was placed (have not used a barrier, I do not mind the little MTA extrusion that happens. Video and clinical image showing the extent of the resorption which was irregular)

Patient was informed about the prognosis and 11 was non-vital as well and treated in 1 visit. 2 year follow up showed good healing and no mobility.

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Reuben Joseph

Dr. Reuben Joseph,is an award winning Endodontist from Chennai, India. He won the IACDE Award for his Clinical Excellence in 2017. His areas of interest are Microscope assisted minimal invasive Root Canal Treatments and Esthetic Dentistry. The root canals performed here are unparalleled and at par with the best in the world. He loves his job and very passionate about it and goes to great lengths to upgrade his levels of precision.
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