27 – Partial re-treatment of the MB2


#27 Partial re-treatment of MB2 canal

1) H/O RCT 5yrs bk

2) Exploratory endodontic access revealed a blob of GP in the area where the MB2 should be

3) Pre-op revealed a BF which I missed and I introduced another rotary file into the orifice and it separated as well

4) Both files retrieved with U-files

5) Ooze of pus following the removal of file from the channel created which was persistent

6) Internal drain leading to the MB2 placed for 2 weeks

7) Repeated appointments of irrigation and patency through the drain for the two weeks

8) CaOH dressing once the ooze subsided

9) Obturated once symptoms resolved and a dry canal was obtained

10) 3 weeks review revealed significant PA change

Composite blob on the MB2 area on exploratory accesss
Both files retrieved
Pus draining on removal of file
Internal Drain for 2weeks to decompress 

Frequent irrigation appointments and instrumentation during the 2week period
MB2 obturated through the convenient space
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Reuben Joseph

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