Khademi’s root tip processing from an apico on lateral insisor


I took John’s root tip he sent me and processed it as follows: 1. Decalcified the root in EDTA for 1 week then some Decal overnight (Formic aa) 2. Mounted in parrafin for standad H&E staining. 3. Sectioned the tooth axially every 100 microns until exhaustion. 4. Every 100 microns an H&E stain was done, A Brown-Brenn stain was done, and a Fungal stain was done. 5. All 60 slides were scanned at 200x, and 600x. Two representative sections are shown here. Initial impressions: 1. No lateral canals were detected in any of the slices. 2. No bacterial colonization was detected in any of the B-B stained slides 3. There was a suggestion of fungal colonization on the external root surface 4. The pulpal space had minimal, if any, bacterial morphotypes evident. Open to alternative impresions from others. The last (page 7) slide shows the control slide for the Brown-Brenn bacterial stain. gbc Ain’t the Collage function awesome…..

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Gary Carr

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