15 yr retreat recall


I did a retreat #19 15 years ago. Today symptom free but #18 looks suspicious and maybe even #19……. Perfect case for monitoring….not anxious to do another retreat… gbc

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Gary Carr

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11 months ago

Today’s kids will never know the fun of this game Donkey Kong and the fun times overall. My the world has change

3 months ago

Gary your journey is inspiring. It is incredible that after 15 years you are symptom free from retreat #19. Your caution about #18 and the need for monitoring is well noted. Stay strong.
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2 months ago

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28 days ago

Fnaf is a fun game to play after work to relax. Now is the time to play Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. It will be fun.

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1 day ago

Your information is effective and extremely helpful; I love watching it as much as I love playing run 3, an incredibly fun infinite runner game every day.


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