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New to TDO-giving the publishing feature a shot. Vital tooth #30 (46) from yesterday. Lingering pain to hot. Dx: SIP/SAP. Class V amalgam resulted in an obstructed/calcified MB & DB orifices (only accessed ML & DL aspect of oval D canal). Mesials joined in apical third. 20v06 instrumentation 1.5mm short of M & D POEs. Gentlewave Procedure completed. BC HiFlow Sealer tracked coronally into MB upon slight downpack during obturation.

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James Smith

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1 year ago

Great case Jim! Haven’t used this feature much. Looks smooth!

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Greatness will come, spacebar clicker!

2 months ago

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28 days ago

Great to see you utilizing TDO for publishing. Your detailed case description showcases your expertise in endodontics. Impressive handling of a challenging MB obstruction.
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