Selective Caries Removal

By Dale Jung / June 25, 2018

Selective Caries Removal (SCR) is a paradigm shift from traditional views on the treatment of […]

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Perforation Management

By Venkat Canakapalli / June 23, 2018

The initial endodontic treatment was done a few years back and the conventional radiograph suggests […]

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Caries driven access

By Bill Seddon / June 23, 2018

Test to upload image from computer.  

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IP Max 2nd-Molar

By Nishan Odabashian / June 4, 2018

Patient having severe pain to hot on tooth #15 (27) upon temperature testing. Cold made […]

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Caries Leveraged Access–Max 1st Molar

By Nishan Odabashian / May 25, 2018

An RD’s receptionist referred her sister to us with severe pain on Lt. Max 1st […]

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MIE Even Works on the Tough Cases

By Nishan Odabashian / May 23, 2018

Case I–Here is a case that comes to mind: The pulp status was abscessed with […]

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Retreatment on a Mandibular 1st Molar on Teenager

By Nishan Odabashian / May 22, 2018

This patient, a 13 yer old healthy female was sent by her orthodontist after she […]

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One of my earliest VTaper cases

By Nishan Odabashian / May 21, 2018

This patient was referred to me by the Prosthodontist next door for evaluation on teeth […]

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File Removal Favor

By Nishan Odabashian / May 18, 2018

This patient was seen by a dentist friend of mine. During the final shape, she […]

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Routine Maxillary First Molar–Initial Treatment

By Nishan Odabashian / May 17, 2018

Patient in pain to hot/cold after the amalgams were taken out and replaced with composite. […]

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