Response letter to Root Cause


What a weak, sad reply from these three presidents.  There are 1000 reasons to not be a member of the AAE, and now…1001.  Dr. Cole, I sit here with my ADA dues statement wondering what I'm paying for.

No wonder the evidential base for endodontics, and more broadly dentistry, is in such poor shape with the critical thinking and debate skills displayed in this letter.
Root canal treatment eliminates bacteria from an infected tooth?  
What evidence supports that statement?
How does one demonstrate that bacteria have been eliminated?
How exactly does one disprove a cause of something?
How exactly does one prove safety?
The basic blunder in the assertion of "97% of women…" is the same basic blunder that has pervaded endodontic thought for decades, and is embedded in the demonstrably false statement about endodontic treatment eliminating bacteria.  These basic blunders in logic have been covered extensively on TDO, and at the annual TDO sessions.


John Khademi, DDS MS
Durango, CO

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