Injection-molded ferrule resurrection w/o endo


RD removed crown and reported resorption under crown, but it looks just like decay.  She got it cleaned up and sent it for endo.  We ordered CBCT, and couldn't see any evidence of any other resorptive areas, but a lot of artifact.  We also noted a screening finding on the asymptomatic #2.

We removed the temporary #3 and didn't see any evidence of resorption and everything was cleaned up and hard.  I just placed a copper band, etch-prime-bond, then flowable and Photocore.  Wrapped the tooth in resin.  I dropped the finish lines farther apically ala Mora.
As an aside, this is the "#15 file case" that I treated in 2012 and showed at NJAE in 2013.   ET between the first and second CBCT is 3 months…i.e. If you're just now starting to do 3 month CBCTs with a GW or whatever…well…this is from seven years ago…we're kinda hoping/expecting to see some radiographic evidence at about 3-4 months.  This is nothing new.  Assigning that outcome to an intervention parameter is not so careful or well informed.
Seven year PA followup.

In the extra time, we started endo on the necrotic #2.


John Khademi, DDS MS
Durango, CO

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