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Hi Dale,

On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 3:18 PM Dale Jung <> wrote:
you're right, it doesn't matter.
If there already was a FGC then I would put a FGC…even if there was a PFM I would strongly recommend a FGC. But many patients nowadays don't want "metal" crowns because they think they're ugly/makes them look old. 🙄
Well…she's already old! 😀
It could also be a cost issue. Maybe the dentist didn't want to broach the subject of a higher crown fee for gold. I had one RD ask that I not suggest FGCs for his patients because he has to eat the extra lab costs because the insurance won't pay more…dunno how true that is because there are specific codes for FGC vs PFM vs monolithic.
At least the Zr looks fairly flat but a heavy contact is a heavy contact.
I've asked my RDs, and they say lab fee is about $50 more…on a $1200 crown…really? 😕
Charge $1250 and do what's right. 😀
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