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The discussion with James brought back memories of our original PERF CBCT project (that actually launched the CBCT revolution in endodontics, although no one gives us credit for that). Carlos Murgel, Peter Endo and I compared standard PA and CBCT imaging in many different ways. Standardizing the PA radiography was critical and proved to be a challenge. Carlos came up with several methods that finally allowed us to duplicate angles within 1-2 degreess. It was a lot of work…. gbc

It launched a lot more than that…😀
In the end, it launched an inquisition into perception, cognition, research and experimental design, outcomes, critical thinking, and understanding of tests and testing…pretty much launched an investigation into our core competencies that had been missing for 50+ years…
It led to many years of TDO session with real experts in these domains which forever has changed the course of endodontics, and the credibility of the academic evidential base and those at the helm.
I submit Gary, that if you hadn't embarked on this mis-guided effort, we might still be talking about Clean/Shape/Pack and The Endodontic Triad for Success.😀
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