RCT on Max 2nd Molar Getting an Olnay


Patient had a preparation for an onlay and developed severe pain. She asked her sister who is a practicing dentist in New York if she could refer her to an endodontist (I don’t know why she did not go to her GP’s referred endo). Her sister called her classmate who happens to be a RD to me and that is I she landed in my office. Two appointments (first was on an emergency basis to get her out of pain). MB1 and MB2 met. All four canals were prepared to a 17/.04 VTaper file. Lots of calcifaction in the chamber as well as the canals.

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Nishan Odabashian

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5 years ago

Hi Dr Nishan, at what point do you routinely start removing the coronal pulp out and what do you use?, i prefer shaping the canals first and then going for the coronalpulp. Any recommendations or pointers that you can give me?

5 years ago

Thanks a lot Dr Nishan, will do a world of good to me. Will try it out 🙂


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