Nice Restorative Pin-Treatment of Max 2nd Molar


This is the tooth of a 74 active female. Came in with pain to percussion on tooth #2. I saw her in August of 2017 for  tooth #30 which was not salvageable, and noticed this pin on the BW. She had this treatment done some 30 years ago, and so I did not see the need to treat something that was working for 30 years!! She was back this April with symptoms on #2. Treatment was over 3 months time with CH change. her symptoms were resolved after the RCT. The Restorative I did two weeks later when I brought her back to remove the pin, place the core and a new temporary crown.

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Nishan Odabashian

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5 years ago

Very nice case! Isn’t it amazing that the pin “worked” for all that time with little deleterious effect!

Love the minimized preps.



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