Lid O’er Trash Can – 2 year CBCT recall


Patient presented with a sinus tract -buccal of tooth # 8

History of initial root canal 36 years prior and PA surgery with MTA fill and without retreatment by an endodontist 5 years prior.

Orthograde Retreatment – removing the hardware: pre-fab metal post, gp, MTA and software – cotton fibers, Placed white MTA apical plug after resolution of sinus tract.

I use Matrix buttons/ impression – in this case TempTabs, especially for anteriors as a contingency for any possible mishaps with the crown. I did not have to use it to make a temp in this case.

2 year recall CBCT

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Rajiv Patel

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2 years ago

Excellent results, Rajiv. A prime example of the need for retreatment prior to surgery. A subtle clinical tip for the residents/students: He did not place a rubber dam clamp on #8, and instead clamped #9 or used Wedjets.


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