ICR…crown or no crown?


This was a pt I saw Dec 2015 with extensive coronal ICR. It really did not seem to go much below the CEJ, but the anatomical crown was pretty much hollow. Patient insisted she did not want to extract the tooth, so we did RCT. Followed Heithersay protocol with TCA. She is completely asymptomatic and fully functional.

I have been against her getting a crown, because she has little coronal structure left. I felt once the tooth gets a crown prep, then it will only be core build up and all the little she has will be gone. The second reason, was because I wasn’t sure the tooth was going to last, so maybe she should not go through the expense. Her GD agreed with me at the time, but here we are, two and half years later and she is fully functional.

Twice over the last 2.5 years, she has had a chip in the crown, and I have fixed it for her.

Would she be better off if a crown is placed? or should we leave things alone and be happy with the good luck she has had? As they say….better is the worse enemy of good!

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Dr. Angela Noguera

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