In looking at the GW effect, I did some preliminary work in trying to see the effect of EDTA and NaOCl on dentin—something I was only remotely familiar with. Anyway, just from a scientific perspective, when you decalcify dentin at various time frames, you can see how the collagen protein itself must act as the nucleation site for the apitite crystal to form. Although Ca and Phosphorus are present in the extracellular fluid, the actual orgaizing of the apitite structure appears to be controlled by the spacial structure of the collagen molecule. In the various stages of decalcification you can see here, it is clear the collagen must be controlling the process and you can see the calcospherites almost forming before your eyes. Probably not of great interest to a lot of endodontists but to me…. Always fascinated by the unique structure of dentin…. gbc

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Gary Carr

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