TDO University

An Online Endodontic Learning Platform

TDO University allows you to create your own user discussion community without undergoing the high expense of programming the interface. Use it for your own endodontic study club members, referral doctors, groups of friends, or personal use.
For Non-TDO'ers
It provides a window into a world that enables you to view a small sample of the content, opinions, discussions, and cases that TDO'ers share daily on their private forum, TDO-Clinical . 
It was designed to expose the general endodontic community to the level of case work and discussions that have occurred on TDO-Clinical for over 20 years in the hope of exposing the wider endodontic community to an endodontic educational resource previously only available to users of TDO software.
For TDO'ers
Within the Image Organizer now, you have the ability, when you post to TDO-Clinical, to also post simultaneously to TDO University, if you deem the case instructive for the wider endodontic community or choose to share it with colleagues who are not part of the TDO community.

Thoughts on observing biofilms Part 1

By Gary Carr | 0

Had many emails on how to interpret some of the […]

Scheduled for a GW

By Gary Carr | 0

Scheduled for a GW…then I took a CBCT…….. No way, […]

How to detect a biofilm

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The “Good” root

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Another reason not to do 15 yr recalls

By JK | 0

This goes in the win column…i.e. from a Rick Schwartz […]

Retreatment #19

By Revathi Miglani | 0

Pt 42 YOM reported with pain and sinus opening in […]

One-visit blues

By Gary Carr | 0

Tim, What I learned from my bench studies is that, […]

#24 with a Iatrogenic perfortion/ Calcified canals/ fracture in the distal wall

By Reuben Joseph | 0

Pre-op Clinical # in the distal wall Perforation Palatal canal […]

Couple of recent cases

By Reuben Joseph | 0

CASE 1: #36 symptomatic after a deep composite restoration. I […]

10 yr recall on treat/retreat/surgery case

By Gary Carr | 0

Part of out 10 yr Recall Project

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